Inspired Connection – January 2021

Jan 5, 2021

Dameon is our Inspirista of the month!

Dameon, you are a true joy to have here at the Inspired Coffee Shop! Dameon is kind and thoughtful, and is always full of excellence. He loves what he does and does it with everything that is in him. He’s the PERFECT addition to our coffee shop team!

Dameon absolutely loves music. He taught himself how to play the piano, drums and guitar – WOW, what a rockstar! He won gold and silver medals for swimming, snow shoe, and basketball. Dameon has TWO tortoises as pets.

He hopes to go to Shepherds college someday and enter their tech program. He’s independent and outgoing, and enjoys connecting with others. Dameon also cooks ALL of his own food. 

Dameon, it has been our pleasure welcoming you in to our coffee shop, and we are excited to see all the things you do and accomplish in life! You have amazing talents and awesome people skills. Keep up the good work!

A little more about Dameon:

What excites you most about working here? 

Taking orders and making drinks.

What Inspires you?
Music, video games, being a student, sports and learning new languages.

Who Inspires you?
My family and friends, and teachers at school and work. My favorite artists and bands.

What is your favorite Inspired Drink?
Vanilla Cream Frappe.

What do you like most about working here? 

Being a cashier and a barista

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